Common dolphin are anything but “common”

Common dolphin need a new name! The name originates from the fact that common dolphin can be seen around the world. They should really have been named for the yellow patch on their sides which makes an hourglass shape along their flanks. The name “yellow-sided” dolphin has never been taken and maybe we should start a campaign to use that instead! In recent years some individuals have been seen without the yellow patch; these are melanistic or darker than normal individuals. These dolphins are also stunning and sightings of individuals with this variation are increasing; we have even seen mother and calves with this coloration pattern. Common dolphin can be seen in the Azores all year around and are the most “common” sighting that we have, but their beauty is anything but “common”. We enjoy their company on most of the tours as they swim right in front of the boats. They may not be the most acrobatic dolphin we see, but they can often be observed coming half out of the water and belly-flopping as they swim alongside us  and as with any dolphin encounter we are usually left with smiles on our faces when we finally say goodbye.

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