A Whale of an Expedition

Biosphere Expeditions completed a very successful expedition for 17th year. 9 different species of whales & dolphin were observed between the 20th March – 20th April. These sightings included the largest animal on the planet, the blue whale.


We also had a few humpback and fin whales as well as several sei whales.

Humpback Fluke

White jaw confirms fin whale

Sei whale powering through the waves


There were 46 different sperm whales identified, including 16 known individuals and 27 new ones.

High fluking sperm whale

We saw over 1500 common dolphin

Common dolphin beauty

and several groups of bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin faces

in addition to an unexpected sighting of false killer whales and you never know when they will turn up!

Photobombed false killer whale

See you next year Biosphere!


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