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Amazing diving experiences around Faial

Absolutely loved the diving experiences with Norberto and husband great team of power women Sofia, Zuga and Alba, and the rest of the crew. Went on different trips to see blue sharks, mobula rays, dolphins and just enjoy the big blue as Freedivers and fulfilled several dreams right here. I would recommend anybody planning to


Essential Azores experience

We had an unforgettable experience. The ride was bumpy but fun, and we got lucky enough to see plenty of sperm whales, including a couple of calves. And even when we were on the way back, the captain got information of a couple of Sei whales and turned back so that we could follow them

Guilherme Duarte

Diving with Norberto

Easy going crew. Very relax attitude. Great under water skills. And when we came back for some snorkling gear we got it for free

William Voorberg

Get the sharks dive

Totally recommend the dive with sharks. Safety briefing is done properly and all the safety measures are followed accordingly. An amazing dive

Micael Veras dos Santos

The experience was great!

the experience was great! we had the pleasure to join the crew on a cloudy day. depisterò some hesitations at the beginning (due to adverse weather condition) the crew professionally informed us about the options, as bad weather sometimes implies low visibility and low chance of spotting animals. After a few checks, we sailed and



We were on a shore excursion arranged by our ship. I am an avid photographer and when the skipped spotted my large camera he had me sit next to him to get good angles on the subject dolphins and whales. The zodiac held 10 passengers in seats, not bench’s. The zodic ran at 45 MPH

John G

Very Good Experience

The crew have a extraordinary knowledge about the animal sea life. The treatment was excellent. And Yes, we saw spermwhales.

Américo C

Experience of a lifetime

We had an incredible morning with Noberto Diver – Sophia and Joanne. The marine biologist who travelled with us was so knowledgeable and made sure to move around the boat to talk with us in small groups so we could hear her and ask questions. The skipper was excellent at handling the Zodiac and communicating

Leslie M

They get the job done and explain and prepare us for what to expect

We were part of an all women’s whale watching and dolphin swim. You never know if the guides can find the elusive creatures. However, Noberto have coupled with whale spotters on land who cover large areas and then communicate to the zodiac skipper where the activities are. Our young female Skipper and marine biologist were

Beverley N