We had an incredible morning with Noberto Diver – Sophia and Joanne. The marine biologist who travelled with us was so knowledgeable and made sure to move around the boat to talk with us in small groups so we could hear her and ask questions. The skipper was excellent at handling the Zodiac and communicating with contacts to keep us in the area of prior sightings and also very knowledgeable about the sea life. They knew based on timing roughly when the whales would surface and then gave us advance notice of when they would dive. We were able to swim with the dolphins and even witnessed a pod of mating dolphins. Our delight in the adventure was shared by Sophia and Joanne. We saw two adult sperm whales with a baby and they explained how the baby fed. Noberto Diver was sensitive to the animals and made sure we stayed a safe distance. It could not have been a more perfect experience.

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